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Bite Tugs and Toys

Entertainmnet is a truly important part of dog teaching. This kind of activity should not be boring and should be useful for the canine.
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NEW ARRIVALS - Bite Tugs and Toys

So, in this category, you can find bite tugs and toys that will make the daily routine of your pet much happier. The toys are made of non-toxic vinyl, rubber and foam. They are meant for different activities including dog feeding, playing in water reservoirs and retrieve training. Bite tugs will help your canine to get rid of the anxiety, boredom and be completely engrossed in the world of professional bite education, Schutzhund training, etc. The tools for the beginners are manufactured from health-friendly jute and French Linen. Those pets, who have reached good results in the former stage can be trained with leather and fire hose bite tugs. Got interested? Check the category and order something for your beloved pet!