• Model: TT8##1034 (4,8 inch) Rubber ball with spikes and sound when squeezed

Crazy Color Rubber Ball that Makes Sound for Dogue de Bordeaux


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Dogue de Bordeaux Training Rubber Ball Makes Sound When Squeezed

Each dog owner dreams of an obedient and friendly pet. Unfortunately, we get bored and irritated canines instead. Do you know what is the reason? You spend too little time with him! Your Dogue de Bordeaux misses you and gets sad, but we are ready to help you to solve the problem of dog's boredom! This impressive bright rubber ball will gladden your pet and bring positive emotions into his everyday life! Besides, the supply will help you to take care of the pet's teeth and gums! All you need to do is to purchase this astounding rubber gear and offer it to your doggy!

Key features of this Dogue de Bordeaux Ball:

  • Good quality rubber
  • Bright design
  • Makes sound when squeezed
  • Hypoallergenic

Intended use of this Dogue de Bordeaux Ball:

  • Playing
  • Training
  • Having fun


  • Diameter 4,8 inch (12 cm)

Available colors:

  • Colors may vary

There is no doubt that your Dogue de Bordeaux will like playing with this great toy! Be sure he will fall in love with this ball from the first sight! All you need to do is to roll or throw the item and your canine will be fully engaged in playing!
This funny dog ball will keep your four-legged friend animated and motivated! It is made of rubber which is very strong and durable indeed. The material guarantees long service of the supply. It should be mentioned, that all the stuff used for the production of dog equipment is thoroughly selected. That is why, we can affirm that this ball is completely safe for Dogue de Bordeaux health. It is non-toxic and doesn't have any smell. What is more, the ball is pleasant to the canine's health! Thanks to the special surface it provides the dog's gums with gentle massage.
You can invent different games for your beloved Dogue de Bordeaux with this toy. It will be great for retrieve training, Schutzhund training, basic game-training, family activities and just for having fun. Playing will become even more exciting when the pet hears how the ball squeezes. It has bright color and can be easily found everywhere.
Please, remove all tags, stickers and loose threads before offering the ball to the pet.

Take a look at rubber ball in 3D

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